Dear Patrons,

Our family at Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse would love to invite you to visit us. We have converted our ancestral home into an exclusive homestay while continuing to farm as was the tradition from aeons ago. We are keen to share our unique heritage and culture with all around us. Ours is a peaceful rustic setting where we have blended the comforts and amenities of modern life. We have opted for a sustainable way of life where we try to utilize all the resources from the farm and village community.

Following are some of the highlights at Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse that might interest you.

Sustainable Living

"Going back to a simpler life based on living by sufficiency rather than excess is not a step backward."
- Yvon Chouinard.

Team Biksthang advocates a sustainable way of life by trying to procure all our resources from the farm and the village community itself. We are elated to state that we were the winners in Gold for the 'Best Community Based Homestay Project' at the first Indian Responsible Tourism Award ceremony organised by the Outlook Traveller Group in 2017, Delhi.

. The water we use and drink ourselves is fresh filtered spring water - tested and certified for drinking and other uses.

. We grow our own rice and lentils, serve fresh, natural seasonal vegetables and fruits, in addition all our dairy produce is from our in-house dairy.

. The traditional brew - "Seychhang" (millet beer) honorific for 'Chhang', 'Chi' or 'Tongba' in the various regional languages, are also grown in our fields and fermented using ancient recipes and procedures, that has been a hit among our honoured guests.

. We use our own tea leaves from the tea plantations around the farm.

. We provide our guests with organic loofahs / scrubs grown in the farm and sometimes sourced from the village if and as required.

. Menchu- our traditional spa, using local medicinal herbs and ingredients, follows a ancient secret traditional method for preparation and therefore requires at least an advance notice of 24 hour before booking a slot.

. We are actively involved at maintaining the village monastery and other places of historical and social significance in the village for generations.


Slow Cooking

In a fast paced modern word that is our life now-a-days, a slow cooked meal in itself is a priceless treat to oneself and our loved ones. All our traditional meals are slow cooked over firewood in our traditional hearth.
#Funfact : Slow cooking does not destroy nutrients. In fact, the lower temperatures may help preserve nutrients that can be lost when food is cooked rapidly at high heat. What's more, food cooked slowly often tastes better.

Fresh vegetables sourced from the farm added to that, our traditional process of slow cooking with recipes passed down for generations has garnered Biksthang a reputation of a Gastronomic experience and an absolute delight (if we may say so ourselves)!


Eco Friendly

Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse has been steadfast in endorsing Nature and all things natural. We have in the past as we continue the trend to this present day, made a conscious and consistent choice, to minimise our use of non-biodegradable items. This has been a work in progress and we are happy to announce that we have been successful at keeping unrecyclable items to a minimum.

#Funfact : Going eco-friendly improves the quality of life in terms of mortality, age, diseases etc.
There is also a better shot at living a quality life indicating that when added to services or products, being eco - friendly specifies a positive, or at least not harmful, effects on living things- the very same reason we never promoted packaged drinking water nor provide them in the farm since conception.
The State Government has banned use of packaged drinking water in the state from 2022.


At Biksthang you can assuredly experience an effortless blend of the past and the contemporary without having to compromise

on the comforts and ease of ones being - we like to call this "The Biksthang Experience", an experience that stays with you

forever, and quite possibly leaves you yearning for more!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

More life,

Dekyi Gyatso.