House Rules

Dear Guest,

Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse is a Working Farm and a Family Home. The Family is actively involved in running the place. In order to make your stay with us a pleasant experience, please follow the House Rules. We kindly ask you to take the following information into account:

• Please Respect the History and Tradition of the place.
• Kindly refrain from Smoking & Drinking alcohol in the rooms / inside the cottages.
• We have strict meal timings.
• Please use the dustbins for garbage disposal.
• The flowers are for your benefit, please do not pick them.
• We ask you not to bring any food items into the rooms / cottages.
• In order to conserve water, we do not change sheets towels daily, unless required.
• Please switch off the geyser and do not leave the water running in the bathroom when you leave the room.
• Washing, drying and ironing clothing garments is not allowed in the rooms. Please use the laundry services for that purpose.
• Being environmentally conscious, we do not supply bottled water; the water that we ourselves drink and provide our guests is filtered spring water and safe to drink.
     However, mineral water is available (charges apply).
• Please be Considerate to guests in the neighbouring cottages.
• Please Dress Correctly when leaving the pool area. Inappropriate clothing in the public areas of the Farmhouse is Strictly Forbidden.
• Please promptly Report any Malfunction or Failure to us.
• If your valuables, jewellery and documents are not kept in the available safety deposit box, we do not accept any responsibility for their possible disappearance.
• Please make sure you close the room when leaving. Keys need not be handed in during your stay, except at Check Out.
• Please take care of the inventory and other equipment we provide our guests with. All damages occurring during your stay will be charged to your account.

Thank You for your Co-Operation. Have a pleasant stay!

The Biksthang Farmhouse Family.